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Industrial Production



Noticeable Wins

Standardized Sales Process



“Addifab is a company that is working with a combination of 3D printing and injection molding. We are trying to introduce an entirely new concept, so we need to be able to explain this unique value proposition.”

Lasse Staal, CEO & Co-Founder, Addifab

Easy to Deploy on an International Scale

Standardized Work Flow

Ensures the Sales Person, can be Customer Centric

Prezentor makes it easy to focus on customers’ needs

“Prezentor is a software that for us has enabled a standardized sales workflow, that ensures that the salesperson spends more time on the customer problem than on our own product. That is one of the key flaws we wanted to correct, the tendency to talk too much about what we do and then to forget what the customer needs.”

Lasse Staal, CEO & Co - Founder, Addifab

Credit: Addifab Aps

I can see how many times they click.

I can see what they click on.

I know what to pitch when I speak with them the next time.

Easy Content Management on an International Scale

“We needed a flexible tool that was easy to deploy on an international scale, with a centralized data or slide repository that we cou ld work from the headquarters and then it would be very easy to roll out.”

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