Buyer Intent

Take the guesswork out of follow-ups

Get notified when your buyer interacts with your sales materials and see what the buyer looked at
— no matter how long ago you sent them.

Buyer Intent Notifications

Meet our customers

Buyer readiness analytics

Gain insights into where the buyer is in their decision making process, so you can take action accordingly.

Buyer Readiness

Stay in tune with your customers

Built-in sales analytics empower you with insight into the solutions your buyer needs, all while helping you learn what your most effective sales materials are.

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Henrik Wiboltt

“Our immediate sales increased, so that is a win-win for all. The customer does not waste extra time during the meeting and we do not waste additional time after the meeting.”

Henrik Wiboltt
Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Foss

Meet the sales-enablement tool you have been waiting for