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How Elis optimized their sales with Sales Enablement Content and Advanced Email Tracking


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Effective & Productive Client Meetings



"We are a company which is widely spread geographically and with
a broad product portfolio."

Amalie Ussing, Communications Manager at Elis

Effective and customer-centric dialogue

"If the client changes course while you are in the meeting - for that Prezentor is a really good factor because you have it all available. You don’t have to rummage around in papers or anything. All the content is there so you can go from product to product and it is easy to use."

The feedback the clients give me about Prezentor - it's that when you present the things it's very easy and simple for them to see and it doesn’t take very long for us to show the client what there is.

When I use Prezentor I feel like I save a lot of time. Often you can send an email while you are with the client and then you can wrap it up from there.

I am really happy about using Prezentor. It is easy and professional.

It helps me in my everyday so a meeting becomes more structured.

Gives me an overview of where we are heading in the conversation with the client.

Game Changing Email Tracking

"The thing that separates Prezentor from previous suppliers that we have worked with is that we get an email tracking system build into the email client that is in the app."

Amalie Ussing, Communications Manager at Elis

I can see how many times they click.

I can see what they click on.

I know what to pitch when I speak with them the next time.

Centralised brand control and content management

"With Prezentor you have a content management system which makes sure that no matter where you are employed in the organisation - you have a streamlined and professional look when you are meeting with clients."

"Incredibly easy for me that it is an easy intuitive tool where I continuously can make sure that our entire sales force have updated and up-to-date material in the field."

"You can in other words say it becomes the extended arm of marketing because all the material we want to push out. We can update it in 2 minutes in the app and then in the moment I press publish, then it is available to our sales force and thereby to the client out there."

"Easy preparation! It is easily available when they are in the field with the clients and it is easy to follow up afterwards."

Amalie Ussing, Communications Manager at Elis

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