Prezentor for MedTech Companies

MedTech companies use Prezentor to always have up to date FDA compliant sales material.

Why MedTech companies choose Prezentor

MedTech companies use Prezentor to instantly disseminate FDA approved material to their sales force, so that all the materials used in front of customers are always up to date and regulated. Prezentor helps support their dialogue by making everything easily available, so if a doctor wants to talk about something you didn’t plan for, you are still ready to present it in a professional manner.

Ambu uses Prezentor to always be FDA compliant in their sales material and to support the sales dialogue with a look up tool.

“FDA compliant is something that we have to be very focused on and any claims we have around our products we can make sure that is disseminated to sales instantly and thereby we know that all the materials we use in front of customers are up to date and regulated.”

Steen Hesthaven, Corporate VP, Marketing, Ambu

Customer Dialogue

Online Meetings  |  Increase Win Rate 
Sales Dialogue  |   Engaging Presentation

Prezentor enables MedTech companies to have all their sales material easily available in one place, making it simple to support which ever way a customers dialogue takes you whether its an online meeting or in-person. It keeps the customer engaged and you have a more productive meeting. 


Content management

✓    Legal Compliance (Up to date material – always!)
✓    All-in-one platform (Sales- & Marketing alignment)
Sales Enablement Platform


Prezentor enables MedTech companies to always meet FDA regulations in their sales material by having marketing push updates to a sales application to avoid material that is not up to date and not FDA compliant. 

Brand Control

Prezentor enables MedTech companies to streamline their sales material, so its always On-Brand updated material being pushed from Marketing to their sales force.


Easy integration with your existing business processes

Direct integrations to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Box, and more.

Transform your sales with Prezentor!