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A fantastsic Dialogue Tool, that creates an overview  of your sales situation and its simple to use. Our customers satisfaction is rising. You dont even have to see the numbers to know it, when the adviser starts to feel that himself, then you know you’ve found something that works.

Dennis Hald Hvidtved,

Chief Online Sales, Tryg

Saxo Bank

“I would advise any institution dealing with incredibly complex topics, with a wish to communicate that simply, that Prezentor is a great tool for doing so.”

Christopher Truce,

Chief Business Architect, Saxo Bank


“With Prezentor we are much stronger in our brand recognition, since we are sure that our customers see the same sales message at all times.”

Henrik Wiboltt,

Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing


Prezentor provides a more holistic approach when discovering the customer´s needs during the meeting and enables us to control the flow of the presentation. We, therefore, conduct more effective meetings, we come across as more professional and our meetings target the actual needs of the cusomer, instead of our preconception of their needs.

Anders Thomsen,

Sales Manager, Norlys

“Prezentor helps our sales reps to be the best version of themselves. The interactive presentations facilitate a better customer dialogue and the platform helps them save time before, during and after each sales meeting.”

Jimmi Olsen

Head of Marketing Denmark

“Impact your sales performance by embracing digital tools in sales. Prezentor is an extremely powerful tool to improve the customer dialogue."

Morten Tingskou


”Prezentor is simply great! It's modern and gives us very useful insights on how the customer is interacting with the sales material. It also helps us qualify our leads much faster and keep the momentum.”

Per Rohrdanz


Trusted by sales organizations all over the world.

Saxo Bank

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