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We are on a mission to align sales and marketing - with intelligent presentations and insights that bring companies closer to their customers. Presentations that automatically gather relevant information about a buyer and a seller before, during and after sales meetings. A platform that closes the data gap at the end of the sales

funnel, creating more intelligent organisations, and more effective Sales and Marketing professionals. We have already turned the dream into reality. Now we are on a mission greater than ourselves - making interactive and intelligent presentations become The New Normal.


Did you know that?

One of our team members has completed 11 marathons!

We're in it together!

Sara Leander-Pehrson


"No man is an island" is certainly true when building the next generation sales enablement platform and intelligent sales presentations. That is why I am extremely proud of Prezentor's hard-working, fun-loving team that’s dedicated to challenging the status quo while always delivering the best possible experience. Because we are on a journey bigger than ourselves - bringing companies closer to their customers and enabling sales and marketing to work smarter together.   

Vladimir Tykvach

Software Engineer

Michael Shvets

Chief Technology Officer

Tanya Kyrylovska

Quality Assurance Engineer

Mikkel Rohde Madsen

Head of Maketing

Dimitry Kurochka

Software Engineer

Sergey Baydaluk

Mikkel Filskov

Tech Lead

Founder & Chief Product Owner

Christian Nielsen


Helen Shvets

Chief Development Manager

Nicolai Kølle

Customer Succes

Sergey Siruk

Software Engineer

Jess Dybro

Creative & Design

Viktor Siruk

Software Engineer

Jacob Høgholm

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Olga Sergieieva

Quality Assurance Engineer

Viktor Kurochka

Software Engineer

Sebastian Just Madsen

Legal Officer

Mette Lodberg

Business Development

Magnus Just Madsen


Alex Semushev

Software Engineer

Jayne B. Leitao

Customer Success

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