Prezentor for Sales Managers

Turn your entire team into top performers

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Stay in the know with what your sellers are doing

Gain insights into sellers’ performance

Prezentor’s solutions allow you to collect insights on your sellers’ performance so you know what top performers do

Let your sellers focus on revenue-generating activities

Increase deal conversion rate

Allow your sellers to provide a better customer experience and increase your deal conversion rate on average by 12%.

Tired of guesstimating what opportunities turn into deals?

Track your pipeline

Prezentor’s buyer engagement data lets you forecast deals more predictably as you know when and how buyers engage.

The Prezentor Solutions


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Find all content in one place

  • All sellers know what performs best thanks to content ratings and recommendations
  • Share feedback with Marketing and be more aligned with other departments
  • Make your team more efficient and goal-oriented


Interactive sales decks

  • Let your team spend time on holding sales meetings instead of preparing them
  • Ensure fast onboarding of new sales hires through training layers and interactive elements
  • Stay in the know with what your sellers present in customer meetings


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Customized ROI calculators

  • Make sure your team doesn’t sell on discounts but value and generate more revenue
  • Ensure your forecasting is predictable with insights into buyers’ calculation results
  • Present a better customer experience and close more deals

Insights and Performance Data

CRM automation

  • Prezentor automates the input of meeting data directly into your CRM
  • Analyze how engaged prospects are throughout the sales cycle in lead and opportunity records

Buyer engagement

  • Automated notifications on prospects’ engagement
  • Know when your prospect views, clicks, and shares the materials that you sent

Behavioral analytics

  • Analyze what content sellers share and what slides they present in meetings
  • Create transparency across your team with data on top content and top users so everyone can learn from top performers

Prezentor integrates right into your tech stack

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