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Here you can find downloadable sales enablement reports and guides. Download your preferred pdf. 

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Insurance Customer Dialogue in Sales Meetings (Report)

24 June 2021

Get Insights about preferred way of buying insurance for private consumers as well as preferred meeting type as well as influence on buyer purchase decision when buying insurance and how private consumers perceive Seller performance.

The Ultimate 10-Step Sales Enablement (Guide)

3 June 2021

Free Guide: Improve Your Competitive Advantage with Sales Enablement.
A Comprehensive 10-Step Guide.

State of Insurance Sales Processes & Training 2021 - Scandinavia & Baltics (Report)

3 Marts 2021

94% of Insurance Sales Leader believe that a more personalised customer experience
will improve their salespeople’s performance!

8 Steps to Accelerate Your Virtual Insurance Sales (Guide)

24 February 2021

Free Guide: An Insider’s Guide to Virtual Sales Meeting Success. Gain insights into how prospects
feel about in-person meetings versus

Sales Enablement is Changing Sales (Report)

12 February 2021

Sales Directors are investing more and more in Sales Enablement and Sales Training.
Changing Sales as we know it!

Digitalization of B2B Content (Report)

3 November 2020

Struggling to convert your material into a digital form? Or maybe you’re just looking to improve your online presentations
with some tips and tricks? In this webinar, we’ll share all our knowledge 

Time is Money, especially in Sales (Report)

11 April 2020

91 percent of sales representatives believe they could work more effective in their sales.
Download the Time is Money report now!