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Sellers' Survival Guide to 2023

Why the CFO matters

This guide outlines why B2B sellers need to sell to the CFO, what challenges they face in selling to the CFO, and how CFOs make decisions. Look at the results of the sellers’ readiness survey with more than 300 sellers and the insights gathered from interviews with 15 CFOs.

6 Step Guide to Sales Success

This guide outlines in 6 steps how you can win predictably and consistently in a recession. The strategies in this report are based on real-life data and examples from Sales leaders and Sales reps.

The 2023 State of B2B Sales

What are the main challenges Sales organizations currently face? And how can you solve these challenges? This report outlines the results of the State of B2B Sales Survey so you can learn from others.

How to Sell to the CFO

It’s 2023 and the CFO is part of your buying committee – but are you really ready to sell to the CFO? This guide has everything you need to know about the CFO to sell effectively and close deals by winning the CFO over.

Sales Enablement Explained

A comprehensive guide to building a successful Sales Enablement Plan. The guide covers everything you need to know including what is Sales Enablement and why is it important, what are Sales Enablement activities and how do I track Sales Enablement?

The State of the Insurance Industry

This guide gives insights into the consumer perspective on the Insurance Industry in the United Kingdom. Learn what insurance sellers need to improve on to win customers, and what Insurance leaders find the most challenging.

Virtual Selling Guide

Do you feel comfortable with virtual selling or do you still prefer to have in-person meetings with buyers? This guide shows you what you need to know to increase your Sales in a fully virtual buying process to impress buyers.

Overcoming Challenges in CRM Adoption

Do you get the most of your CRM or do you experience a lot of limitations due to old or incomplete data, missing records, and a lot of manual processes involved? In this report you find insights from over 100 companies on how you can overcome CRM adoption challenges and create a cutting edge Sales process that puts your Sales team up for success.

Beginner's Guide to Sales Enablement

In this guide you find everything you need to know to create a Sales Enablement strategy and implement it in your organization includingthe roles of Sales and Marketing in Sales Enablement, building a content strategy, and more.

The State of Sales Enablement - 2020

Prezentor has asked 182 Sales Directors in the State of Sales Enablement survey to uncover their strategic efforts, investments, and challenges in relation to Sales Enablement.

The Advantages of B2B Sales Content for Marketers

Did you know that 50% of marketers think that they don’t get enough insights on the content Sales reps use in meetings? In this report you’ll learn how marketers can collect buyer insights and use them to become more competitive.

2020 Sales Survey

Did you know that 91% of sales representatives believe they could work more effective in preparing meetings with buyers? Download the results of the Prezentor 2020 Sales Survey and find out what Sellers need to get more efficient.