Making sales & marketing work as a team

Empower marketing to create content that sales loves, and equip your sales team with everything they need to always be prepared, always impress, and always focus on selling value instead of products and services.

Create content that sales love

Content management   |   Interactive presentations 
Visual dialogue   |   Align communication

Take control of your sales content, gather everything in one place, and sleep tight knowing it’s always the latest version being used. Always communicate one consistent message to your customers. Dynamic presentation flows support the customer dialogue instead of the other way around – and at the click of a button, load reports on presentation flows, preferred slides, and find out about any content which is not being used.

creating content that sales
Improved customer dialogue at prezentor

Sell smarter, not harder

Improved customer dialogue  |   All-in-One
Efficient workflows   |   Customer insight

Imagine the feeling of always being prepared, everything updated. Always making the best customer impression possible. Being able to fluidly jump along in any direction of the customer dialogue. A tool that makes it easy to sell value instead of products. Imagine being able to follow up in seconds and gaining insight into when and how the customer interacts with the emailed material. All of this, and more, is possible with Prezentor.  

Align - and collect key insights

Big data  |   Business intelligence 
Seller insight   |   Customer intelligence

Automatic data collection opens up a world of possibilities. Identify how your top sales representatives present to customers, and transfer that knowledge to the rest of your team. Use interactive value calculators and needs analysis in your sales presentations to effectively gather customer data in every meeting. Insights, which over time become business intelligence, have the power to differentiate you from your competitors.     

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More features and benefits.

content management prezentor

Content management

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Content creation

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Smart workflow

business intelligence

Business intelligence / analytics

Personalization Every Time

Interactive sales content can be up to 25% more effective in communicating a message than traditional presentations.  

Don’t change the way you work - start working smarter.

The result of digitalisation should always be to make complex and time consuming tasks easier, more efficient, and provide insights not previously possible. Therefore, we integrate with leading software providers to ensure that you can continue working the way you do now, just smarter.   

Transform your sales with Prezentor!