of sellers think that the CFO is important in companies' purchase decisions

Sellers’ readiness survey 2023

Sellers' Survival Guide to 2023

Prezentor surveyed 300 B2B sellers across the globe to uncover what tactics they use to win over the CFO.

Additionally, we interviewed 15 CFOs to gather insights on their priorities, responsibilities, and decision-making.

What you get from the report

Get insights and tips

Find out how you compare

Build effective business cases

Understand the CFO

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Download the key insights and learn:

  • How important the CFO really is
  • How CFOs make decisions
  • How to win over the CFO
  • What the perfect business case looks like

How ready are sellers to win over the CFO?

We asked more than 300 B2B sellers how confident they feel in selling to the CFO, what tactics they use to win over the CFO, and what materials they share with their buyers’ CFOs. Download this infographic and look at the results of the sellers’ readiness survey 2023.

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How CFOs make decisions

Download this infographic and learn:

  • How involved are CFOs in purchase decisions?
  • How CFOs make decisions
  • The CFO’s key priorities in 2023
  • Sales materials the CFO needs
  • How to win the CFO over

What does the perfect business case look like?

We asked 15 CFOs how a business case needs to look like that they approve immediately, and they answered.

How much information a business case needs to entail depends on 3 factors:

While all three of these factors are important, the investment size is certainly the most important one. Based on the insights we gathered from CFOs, we created 3 templates for business cases that you can download and use in your sales process

How do you create a business case the closes deals?

There are four steps required to create a business case that closed deals: gathering the relevant insights, personalizing the case, working the numbers, and creating the case. Find out what each step entails and which considerations you need to have in this checklist.

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