Prezentor for Marketers

Stop wondering, start knowing.

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Tired of your content sitting there waiting to be used?

Analyze data and know your impact

With Prezentor you know exactly what content, sales decks, and slides are getting used. Never waste time again on creating content that sellers don’t use.

Don’t let sellers butcher your brand

Let your brand shine throughout the buyer’s journey

Prezentor’s solutions enable you to ensure that your content is always up to date and on brand. Use the same messaging everywhere and unleash the power of your brand

Stay in the know and get feedback

Be closely aligned with Sales

With Prezentor you can track your work’s impact and get feedback from sellers. No more endless briefings for sellers – transparency and alignment have never been easier.

The Prezentor Solutions


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Share all content in one place

  • Cut time spent on briefing sellers and answering questions
  • Track content usage and know the performance and impact of your work
  • Generate shareable links for your content


Interactive sales decks

  • Design a calculator that aligns with your brand
  • Collect buyer engagement data straight into your CRM and know which leads convert
  • Enable sellers to sell on value propositions instead of discounts


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Customized ROI calculators

  • Create customizable sales decks that are 100% on brand and messaging
  • Collect behavioral data and know what slides get used
  • Make sure your MQLs turn into deals by enabling sellers to create better buyer experiences

Insights and Performance Data

Content performance

  • Know what content sellers share and create the content they need
  • Access the content insights to see how often content gets sent, viewed, and clicked

Buyer engagement

  • Analyze buyer engagement data and know what content drives the highest engagement
  • Know what content, videos, and slides buyers want – and create more of them

Content usage

  • Access the content insights to see what content is trending and most popular
  • Get feedback from sellers through ratings and know what they need more of

Prezentor integrates right into your tech stack

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