What is a Sales Persona?

The 5 Sales Personas

A sales presentation is a challenging but necessary way of conducting business. Learn how to adapt to these 5 types of sales personas is important to sell more.

After having analyzed more than 400,000 sales presentations, we have made some exciting discoveries. They have helped our clients create content that performs well with all business profiles and buyer personas, and ultimately increase their sales and revenue.

In addition to reaching your potential business partners, you can’t lose sight of your product’s various buyer personas. This adds a level of complexity to your sales presentation.

1. The Hard Worker

Does not give up easily

Interested in feedback/personal development

2. The Lone Wolf

Follows own instincts


Delivers results but difficult to manage

3. The Relationship Builder

Classic Consultative Rep

Builds Advocates Internally

Creates relationships with prospects

4. The Challenger

Different view of the world

Loves to debate / pushes customer

Strong understanding of customer's business

5. The Problem Solver

Highly detail-oriented

Reliable in responding to shareholders

Ensures all problems are solved

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