Interactive Presentations Boost Buyer Engagement by 25%

interactive presentations

With the majority of B2B buyers’ attention spent on their phone or computer screens, it’s critical to capture their attention with interactive sales presentations. As a matter of fact, in 2020, the amount of digital content consumed doubled. Because B2B buyers are constantly taking in information via online resources, sales teams need innovative ways to engage buyers.

Through our research, we’ve learned that interactive presentations boost the customer experience by 25% leading to higher levels of buyer engagement and sales. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at interactive presentations: how they work, why they’re beneficial to sales reps, and how you can use them to boost your customers’ experience.

How do interactive presentations work?

In order to truly be successful in sales, you need to engage the buyer with valuable and useful content. With interactive presentations, you’re enabling the buyer to drive the conversation by steering the presentation where they wish. By choosing their own path during the presentation, buyers are able to take control of the meeting.

For instance, you can start the sales meeting by asking the buyer what topics they want to mainly focus on. From here, the buyer can navigate the presentation in the direction they want. Let’s say your prospect is interested in term life insurance plans and has little interest in whole life plans. So what happens when you have an entire presentation featuring all types of insurance plans? The prospect can click through the interactive presentation to the slides that address their questions.

Interactive presentations and sales enablement software are tools for promoting a healthy dialogue between the buyer and sales rep. By providing all slides and content necessary, the sales rep is able to answer any questions the prospect may have. The rep can instantly click to the right slide to support their answer to a question with graphs and videos. In the video below, the prospect can click on the types of insurance they’re interested in learning more about.

In the example above, the prospect was able to take control of the presentation by removing the insurance plans they didn’t want to learn about. Not only does this provide a more personalized experience for the prospect, the sales rep is able to better understand the prospect’s needs and can better serve them with relevant information.

Use value calculators to engage buyers

Interactive presentations help convey the value of your offering to the buyer. One of the best tools to leverage your company’s value in your interactive presentations is value calculators. Value calculators are interactive tools that help visualize a buyer’s potential outcome after purchasing. Let’s take a look at the example below.

In this video, the prospect is able to input their information to visualize their potential ROI after purchasing Prezentor. In fact, this ROI calculator helps people realize what their ROI would be if they just increased their conversion rate by 1% with Prezentor. As you can see, the prospect is able to adjust each slider to reflect their deal size, current conversion rate, and more. From here, a formula easily created on the backend of the presentation spins up the correct ROI prediction for each prospect using this calculator.

By presenting prospects with a detailed view of what your business can do for them, you’re creating a highly personalized experience. These value calculators keep the prospect engaged in the meeting and allow the sales rep to focus on a prospect’s main pain point and illustrate the value of the solution.

Prezentor’s interactive presentations help your team

boost the customer experience

Prezentor’s interactive presentations boost the hyper-personalization of the customer experience. Prezentor helps sales reps create engaging presentations that include:

  • Dynamic images and videos
  • Value calculators that illustrate the impact of your solution on a prospect’s day-to-day tasks
  • Case studies that showcase your company’s capabilities and proven track record
  • Slide and content navigation features that promote interaction and make the presentation easier to follow

For instance, take a look at the helpful video below of how Prezentor works and all of the efficiencies it can drive in your sales initiatives.

As shown in the video, Prezentor offers multiple tools and strategies for improving the customer experience by keeping your prospects engaged with the presentation. Take, for instance, the simple feature of moving to a new slide. Sometimes, showing all the content on the page at once is distracting for a prospect. Instead, you can control the way your content appears on each slide. This lets you show new content only when it’s time.

This way, your clients concentrate on your explanation rather than on the slide itself. Thus, no matter how relevant your content is, it’s crucial to keep the attention of your prospects. Otherwise, the impact of your content will not come across.

Final Thoughts

Interactive presentations boost the customer experience by keeping the prospect engaged with your content. With Prezentor’s tools and innovative technology, you’ll be better prepared to sell more effectively to all of your prospects.

Schedule your personalized demo of the Prezentor platform today and digitally transform the way you approach sales.

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