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Are you also working from home? 5 ways to work smarter

Unfortunately, we can’t babysit your children, but we can make your online sales meeting a lot easier.

Working from home has never been more relevant than right now and if we look at the trends and the current COVID-19 situation, you may have to find ways to be productive while working from home even if you also have to take care of your children.

Meet your sales quota while working from home

Even though you are working from home, the world doesn’t stop and you most likely still have the same sales quota. With less time due to children or other interruptions, this may seem overwhelming. That’s why we have listed the five most important things that make you work smarter, not harder, and crush that sales quota despite challenging circumstances!

  1. Spend your valuable time on your clients – not tedious CRM tasks
    If you are used to having sales meetings both online and in-person, then you know that there are tedious CRM tasks after a meeting such as typing in meeting notes, what we talked about, Customer interests etc. But it doesn’t have to be that way – Prezentor can do that for you during the meeting with very little effort from you and you can integrate it with your CRM system.

    We all know that we tend to postpone the admin work after a really good (or not that good) meeting, because then we have to move on to the next – which is great! But the admin work is still waiting for us and becomes a gray cloud over our heads. Don’t worry though, Prezentor will help with that!

  2. Be presentable while working from home – even without camera
    We know what you are thinking – take a shower and get dressed as if you are going to work even though I’m working from home. For people with small children that is not always easy and even if you don’t have children, you might not have a space in your home that is suited for having an online meeting with the camera on. Easy! I just turn off the camera! And that might already be your go to move, but without being able to read your clients non-verbal behaviour, you might lose out on valuable insight. And heck, even when the camera is on, it is sometimes difficult to read a client’s non-verbals, because his/her face might be very close to the camera looking downward.

    However, with Prezentor’s interactive features, you empower your client to engage with your online presentation during the meeting. It will be easier to keep the sales dialogue flowing and your client can get a quick overview over your product portfolio and will be able to check the boxes of the products they are interested in. That way you have an active dialogue with your client, instead of a passive listening client.

  3. Gain analytics into your clients preferences and narrow your focus
    Ever wondered if you could just get the type of insight about your clients that the guys in marketing are getting from Google Analytics, you would be able to sell more. Turns out that with Prezentor that is now possible!
  4. Receive usage reports from the comfort of your sofa
    Finding it monotonous to call your colleagues several times a day in order to find out their usage trends and upsell potentials? With Prezentor’s reporting function, you can see how each and every one of your employees or colleagues are performing, right from the dashboard. No calls necessary!
  5. Have your emails, client list, and meeting agendas all in one place.
    Finding it a little hard to keep up with all the different apps that store all your information, now that every aspect of your work is also online? We’ve got you covered, import your contacts from your CRM, send emails from the app, and make standard agenda templates to add to all of your online meetings, all from the Action bar of the Prezentor app, so that you can stay organized easily, and put your focus on the parts of your work that matter most.

Your personal assistant - we are here to help and guide you

We understand that your time is precious – especially in a time like this! That’s why our experts will help you get set up with an interactive presentation that you can use in your online meetings with your clients and start being more productive while working from home – selling more and collecting valuable business intelligence.

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