Making the most of your content – the challenges of sales content management

Making the most of your content – the challenges of sales content management

Having good content is not enough

We can all agree that content plays a big part in the selling process: it is the primary resource for salespeople to convey a value proposition to prospects and customers and to guide them towards their product or service.

The statistics speak for themselves: 95% of buying decisions are directly influenced by content, and 90% of buyers want to purchase from the company that shares the most relevant information.

But with the rise of digitalization, we are seeing buyers becoming increasingly demanding, and it is harder than ever to keep them engaged, especially in online meetings. Having high-quality sales content is clearly not enough to ensure a smooth sales process and give companies a competitive edge – your content also needs to be relevant, up to date, and easy to find and access.

Many companies invest a ton of time and money in creating content without getting any insight on usage and without knowing if the content is valued by their audiences. The result is that 60 to 70% of content produced by B2B marketing organizations goes unused.

According to a study recently conducted by Prezentor, over 31% of Sales Leaders are not fully in control of their content in terms of what is being used and what is effective.

Our survey also found that 20.5% of Sales Leaders struggle to ensure that agents have the right sales materials at the right time, and 25% believe that reps waste too much time chasing content.

The advantages of sales content management

Content management is the creation, organization, and distribution of content within an organization. A good content management strategy is a necessity for any business, as it can increase productivity and even shorten the length of sales cycles.

Sales Leaders recognize the importance of improving their content management strategy: as much as 76% of those polled declared that they are planning to invest in content creation and distribution, or they are at least considering doing so.

The impact can be huge: according to CSO Insights, companies with a clear content enablement strategy in place experience a 55% win rate as compared to 43% win rate for organizations without one. However, currently, only a third of organizations have a clear, relevant content strategy in place.

On average, sales reps spend 40% of their time searching for, or creating, content to share with buyers. Content management technology can help them save time by organizing the content all in one place, so it easier and quicker to find. Expertly organized content also gives the added advantage of increased visibility, thus reducing the risk of content going unused.

Adopting a comprehensive Sales Enablement platform that include content management solutions, like Prezentor, can also provide valuable insights that help you understand what sort of content is most effective and how it is being used.


Final thoughts

In an increasingly digital environment, where buyers are more educated and ever more demanding, having good content is not enough to give your business a competitive advantage. Prezentor’s recent study shows that Sales Leaders are still struggling to be in control of their content and to make sure sales reps have access to the right materials at the right time in order to keep their buyers engaged.

Companies need to invest on solutions that improve the organization and visibility of content and give insights for more effective content creation.

The right Sales Enablement platform can be a valuable ally not only in organizing your content, but also in improving sales processes and customer experiences. When content is expertly organized in one source, it is more visible and can be quickly and easily found and used by all sales reps.

Moreover, with Sales Enablement technology you can track what content is being used, how the clients interact with it, and which materials are more effective, so sales reps can adjust their approach in real time depending on what content resonates most with each buyer.

It’s time to start making the most of your content with Prezentor. Book a demo!

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