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Why Sales Training Software is Vital to Keeping Your Salespeople Educated

It’s common sense to invest in training to give your sellers the skills they need to succeed. Without the proper training, they may not be able to achieve their full potential. Now, this doesn’t just mean providing your reps with initial onboarding training— firms who provide continued sales training after onboarding report 79% quota attainment, versus 69% in those who don’t. If this is true, why doesn’t every organization provide continued sales training? Well, infusing continual training methodologies at your organization has traditionally taken quite a bit of sales managers’ time and bandwidth. Sales managers need the right sales training tools and technologies to be able to consistently enable their sellers with the support they need to perform at their best. And now, that’s possible.

From personalizing training to suit individual reps to pinpointing areas in the sales cycle certain reps struggle, the right sales training software drastically improves your sales function. There’s a reason 80% of high-performing sales teams rate their training programs as outstanding — high-quality training creates high-quality results. Dive into exactly how sales training software unlocks sales excellence:

Personalized training encourages continued improvement

Traditional training offers a one-time, initial training course when reps initially join the company. While great for onboarding, this can leave gaps in knowledge that reps may need once they begin selling. Without ongoing learning, 84% of what is learned in initial training is lost within the first 90 days. With sales training software, built-in behavioral data tracking analyzes your team’s performance. With this, each member of your team is coached on the skills they most need help with. These data-driven training programs allow each rep to grow in their weakest areas, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all program. This also saves sales managers time by allowing them to focus training on only those few reps who need assistance, rather than interrupting the entire team’s workflow for training sessions.

Personalized sales training software also vastly improves performance. Companies that offer personalized training and coaching increase revenue by 8.4% year-over-year. That is a 95% improvement over those that choose not to personalize sales training and coaching. This is because all reps (even your most seasoned vets) continue growing through each and every buyer interaction. Building upon existing skills and knowledge ensures that your sales team is equipped to handle new buyer objections they may face, creatively adapt to macroeconomic factors (like buyers tightening their budgets due to an impending recession), share strategies with each other, and consistently grow their arsenal of best practices.

Sellers with varying experience learn new skills at their own pace

Along with uniquely adapting to each rep’s skillset, sales training software adapts to each rep’s learning speed. Sales training software offers asynchronous, virtual training. This means that different training topics are provided via video through digital means, rather than through in-person sessions. These dynamic video training libraries housed within the software allow for newly hired reps to search for videos covering the questions to ask in an effective discovery call, strategies for overcoming objections, best practices for pitching, and more. This means your reps can spend as much or as little time as they need on each training session based on their familiarity and refer back to these resources whenever they need to in the future once they begin selling. When 89% of employees want training available anywhere, anytime they do their job, this is extremely important.

Asynchronous training videos also provide quick, bite-sized pieces of information. Rather than sitting through a 90-minute, continuous training session, reps can view 5-15 minute videos covering the same information. Shorter videos consumed at the rep’s unique learning pace keeps them more engaged with the information. 90% of employees have agreed it’s beneficial to switch to mobile-based training for this exact reason.

Sales training software accelerates learning curves for quicker onboarding

One of the biggest benefits of sales training software is the ability to onboard reps much faster. When voluntary turnover rates increase from 7.9% to 14.2% for companies with subpar sales onboarding strategies, onboarding quickly and efficiently helps you retain top talent. With the right tools in place for continued sales training post-onboarding, there’s less of a reliance on dense hours of onboarding training in the rep’s first two weeks. Thus, your sellers can get out and do what they do best—sell! Innovative sales training software, like Prezentor’s unique learning layers, allow reps to understand everything they need to know about your product easily and quickly from day one. Learning layers help reps discover the best methods for selling your product, all within a single intuitive presentation. With tools like this, sellers can speed up their own learning curve to quicken time-to-value. Sales training software also allows sales managers to set a standardized course of action for the onboarding process, for each rep. Sales managers know exactly what content newly hired reps view and how quickly they are adapting to their new role. With these insights, managers can assist reps as needed in only the areas they’ve shown they need guidance in and ensure that training time is used wisely.

Final thoughts

Sales training software can be the difference-maker in how you onboard new sellers and how you share training methods for their continued success. Empower your reps with the sales training software they need. Book a demo today.

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