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CRM Data Collection and Insights: How Sales Enablement Technology Can Help

Over the past two years, sales have become increasingly digital — roughly 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done through digital means. When you aren’t meeting with buyers face-to-face, it’s tough to boost buyer engagement or even determine their response to sales pitches. Without forming a personal connection with the buyer, you have low visibility into the buyer’s true pain points and use case. As you transition to digital sales, how can you maintain insight into each buyer’s individual journey? The answer: CRM data that helps you personalize your sales approach.

The right sales enablement technology will enable you to garner valuable CRM data to power your sales techniques. With the proper tech solution, you can gain valuable insights into the buyer’s personal information, industry, current role, and overall buying experience to better tailor your sales pitch for a buyer-first experience. Digital selling shouldn’t be intimidating — in fact, with the right tools, digital sales can become much more effective than traditional sales.

Gain insights into buyer engagement with CRM data

CRM data, such as buyer behavioral data derived from sales enablement technology, depicts how the buyer interacts with content. Every time the buyer engages with the content you share, each click of the mouse generates more data revealing what the buyer engages with, when they engage with it, and how long they view it. This data allows you to understand how well the buyer responds to your content, and how you can better tailor your approach to suit their needs and wants. Harnessing buyer behavioral data helps organizations outperform peers by 85% in sales growth.

Consider this: you’re in discussions with a prospect who is interested in your company’s office management solutions. You share resources with the buyer, including:

  • Several blog posts detailing your product’s functionality
  • A case study showcasing your product’s ability to save the buyer time
  • An eBook describing the average ROI of your product in different industries

As the buyer clicks through each resource, your sales enablement tech provides your CRM with data that captures each interaction. Say the data shows that the buyer hardly looked at the blogs, but spent an hour on the case study and eBook. Based on these insights, it’s clear the buyer is most interested in the product’s ROI and previous customer experiences. This is an instance where CRM data can help you determine what content is most impactful to the buyer and which content you should share with them next. Which leads us to the next section, CRM data is vital to make data-driven sales decisions.

Make data-driven content decisions to personalize the buying experience

84% of buyers report their likelihood of purchasing products increases when sales reps treat them like a person, not a number. Which is why personalization is essential to keeping buyers engaged and motivated to make a purchase. The key to personalizing sales lies in CRM data. The right sales enablement technology will collect data that reveals what content buyers engage with most and share it with your CRM. Plus, these insights inform you of which use cases and pain points are most relevant to the individual buyer. With these insights, you can make data-driven decisions and share only the most impactful content personalized to the individual buyer.

Why is this important? 63% of consumers claim they would think more positively of a brand if it gave them content that was more valuable, interesting, or relevant. Thus, harnessing data to provide the most relevant content to buyers increases buyer engagement and conversions. Empowered with the right content at the right time in their buyer’s journey, the buyer can more confidently reach a purchasing decision.

For example, say you share a sales deck with a prospect during a meeting. The deck focuses primarily on legal office management, but after the presentation, the CRM data shows that the prospect spent the most time looking at slides specifically covering your product’s time tracking abilities. With this data, you’re able to better personalize sales conversations and presentations, focusing mostly on the benefits of time-tracking and how it will positively impact the buyer’s day-to-day.

Interactive sales experiences enable you to collect

rich data

The right platform doesn’t just provide you with CRM data, but allows you to create an interactive sales experience entirely personalized to the unique buyer. When you only have 5% of the buyer’s time throughout their B2B buying journey, it’s imperative that you make that time engaging and memorable. Interactive sales presentations don’t just engage the buyer — they collect even more CRM data for you to utilize. With interactive sales tools, like ROI and value calculators, the buyer can input information and interact with content, creating data for you to see in real time during or after the presentation.

For instance, you conduct an interactive sales presentation for the buyer instead of a boring sales call that blends into the rest of their day. Throughout the meeting, you’re able to share content you already know the buyer wants based on the CRM data your enablement platform provided. As part of the presentation, you share an ROI calculator so that the buyer has a full-bodied understanding of their potential returns. As the buyer inputs their information into the ROI calculator, and plays with various settings, you’re able to collect and view all of that data to inform the rest of the call. Key information, such as the buyer’s budget, priorities, and desired outcomes with your product, can be leveraged in sales conversations moving forward.

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Final thoughts

Offering a personalized experience to your buyer allows them to reach a purchasing decision sooner. By harnessing a sales enablement solution that provides crucial CRM data, you’re able to anticipate the buyer’s interests, providing them the information most relevant to their pain points. From here, the buyer is empowered with content they’re excited to receive, helping them make an informed purchasing decision. In the process, you’ll be able to drive revenue and boost your win rates. It’s a win-win!

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