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Sales Enablement: Your Path to Success

In recent years, the way that B2B buyers evaluate and make purchase decisions has changed. Traditional sales techniques no longer work to win and retain the modern buyer, who focuses more and more on value, rather than the product itself. To fully adjust to these new expectations, having the proper Sales Enablement strategy is imperative.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is the people, processes, technology, and data that enable your sales organization to sell more effectively. It is not about changing those elements of your organization; it’s about easing sales and productivity by adopting a different approach.

Why is it important?

Sales Enablement can have a great impact: statistics show that 76% of organizations see an increase in sales between 6% to 20% when adopting a Sales-Enablement approach.

A Sales Enablement platform gives numerous advantages, such as:

  • It provides one singular location to keep all sales-related materials easily accessible
  • Improves the customer dialogue with dynamic presentations
  • Visualises the value proposition
  • Qualifies leads faster with buyer intent
  • Increases win-rate and provides salespeople with more time to sell

According to a 2018 report by CSO Insights, the percentage of salespeople achieving their quota increased by 10.6% in organizations that invested in Sales Enablement.

Sales Enablement tools increase productivity and enable salespeople to learn from each new buyer interaction. With less time spent on administrative tasks, sales reps are enabled to do what they do best: sell.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

The right Sales Enablement technology will enable Marketing and Sales to work together in alignment to streamline the buyer’s journey. When Sales and Marketing are aligned, your company can become 67% better at closing deals. By sharing data with each-other on one single platform, each team is better informed to create and utilize the most effective content.

The result is:

  • Increased sales velocity
  • More time spent selling
  • Increased win rates
  • Increased deal size.

Improve Sales Content and Qualify Leads Faster with Buyer Insights

Sales Enablement technology provides useful sales analytics that help salespeople qualify leads faster based on the prospect’s engagement with the sales content. The best types of Sales Enablement technology will show which pieces of content are resonating with the client most. With this knowledge in mind, sales reps can move forward with a focused strategy for which materials to show the prospect during their next interaction.

In other words, qualifying leads enable sales reps to create more personalized interactions, thus increasing win rates.

Onboard Sales Reps Faster with Sales Enablement

Onboard Sales Reps Faster with Sales EnablemEvery new Sales Rep will need to undergo the proper training to adopt their new employer’s way of selling. This can become a long and arduous process. However, the right Sales Enablement strategy can help onboard Sales Reps much more quickly.

According to Mike Schultz, president of the RAIN Group, with a strong onboarding and process, companies can cut the ramp-up time by greater than 50%.

Final thoughts

A comprehensive Sales Enablement platform helps sales leaders qualify leads and changes the way buyers and sellers talk to each other. By defining a strategy within your organization, you can unlock greater potential across your entire team.

With Sales Enablement technology — like Prezentor — Sales Leaders are enabled, with one platform, to manage sales content, gain important insights into performance, personalize the customer experience, and save valuable time. Are you ready to get started?

Download our full Sales Enablement Guide, and book a demo today to transform your sales process with Prezentor!

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