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How Sales Enablement Can Help You Gain Brand Control

Consistency is key to brand control but it is not easy to maintain across all channels, especially if there is poor communication within your organization. In this article, we will explain how sales enablement can help you gain brand control by aligning your organization’s functions.

Why is brand control important?

A brand is much more than a logo and company colors. It is how your business is perceived by consumers across all channels. Your social media communications, email newsletters, but also the way your salespeople sell, or how customers’ queries and issues get handled – all of it plays a role in shaping your brand image. This is why it would be wrong to think that Marketing is the sole department responsible for brand control.

Brands are built through the consistent delivery of the brand promise through all stakeholder touchpoints. Consistency is key to successful branding, and it can only be achieved if every part of the organization works toward it.

“Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23%”

When communicating with consumers, customers, and prospects, your entire organization should follow clear and specific guidelines on tone of voice, targeting, positioning, company values – all the elements that form your brand image. A good brand image will make your company memorable and help you gain consumers’ trust.

According to McKinsey, B2B companies tend to underestimate the power of branding, considering it as something important only for B2C businesses. However, B2B companies with strong brands outperform competitors by 20 percent.

How can sales enablement help you gain brand control?

Through an effective sales enablement strategy implemented company-wide, you will be able to achieve brand consistency more easily.

There are 5 aspects of sales enablement that facilitate brand control:

1. Alignment

Sales enablement at its core is about aligning the different functions of your organization to collaborate in creating a common strategy and achieving common goals. When the entire organization works together, it is easier to have better control over your brand.

2. Content management

According to Learn G2, sales reps spend an alarming 440 hours per year searching for the right content to share with prospects. And what often happens when sellers don’t have or can’t find the content they need, is that they create their own, resulting in very little control from the company over what messages are being shared and how they are phrased.

Sales enablement tools, like Prezentor , offer content creation and content management solutions, so that sales reps always have easy access to up-to-date content all in one place.

3. Personalization

Sales enablement content creation tools promote interactivity, to facilitate the dialogue with potential customers and allow sellers to tailor each interaction to the specific buyer and their pain points. This fosters engagement and trust from the consumers, who feel heard and understood, and are therefore more likely to remember and recommend your brand as a customer-centric business.

4. Analytics

Sales enablement can help you gain brand control also through analytics. With insights into buyers’ engagement, content usage, and sellers’ performance, you have a clear overview of what works and what doesn’t, and you can pinpoint any area of improvement and act on it in a timely fashion.

5. Training

Standardized and continuous training of sales representatives is a crucial step of any sales enablement strategy. Giving your sellers continuous training and easy, on-demand access to learning materials and guides increases the adoption of best practices and simplifies brand control.

How Prezentor can help you gain brand control

Prezentor's Content Hub

With Prezentor’s content management solution all your content is stored in one central repository that can be easily accessed by all teams, giving you complete control over what content is shared with buyers.

In the Content Hub you can:

  • Keep your content always updated to make sure your sellers always have the latest versions
  • Tag your content and organize it into categories so it can be found quickly
  • Track content usage and buyer engagement, and get feedback from sellers so you can keep improving

ROI calculators and dynamic presentations

Prezentor’s ROI calculators and dynamic presentations add a layer of interactivity to your sales meetings. They are the perfect tools to personalize each interaction, boost buyer engagement, and build consumers’ trust – all aspects your brand image can benefit from.

Book a demo to talk to one of our sales enablement experts and find out more on what Prezentor can do to help you gain brand control.