Sales Enablement Content: Creating Quality Content to Empower Your Prospects and Drive Revenue

Sales enablement content

Sales enablement content is key to driving sales. It’s simple, really. This type of content performs well and drives the buyer towards making a purchase because it:

  • Addresses a prospect’s pain points
  • Offers answers to product/service related questions
  • Visualizes the value of the product/service

Believe it or not, 78% of buyers report that sales reps do not provide them with relevant content. This is mostly the result of producing content that is not aligned to the stages of the buyer’s journey. So what’s the difference between sales enablement content and just plain ol’ content? Continue reading as we unveil the best practices for creating content that will boost sales and drive revenue.

How does sales enablement content differ from other forms of content?

Interactive sales presentations. Not every piece of content is appropriate for driving sales. For example, blogs are created with the purpose to attract leads, not make a sale. A guide on determining the ROI of a product, however, visualizes the value of the product. In doing so, the guide helps to motivate a potential customer to make a purchase.ns are the ultimate sales enablement content tool

Sales enablement content is created with the intent to equip sales reps with the right content they need to share with their prospects at all stages of their purchase journey. Ultimately, the idea is that effective sales enablement content will drive the closing of the deal when thoughtfully positioned and shared with a buyer. Likewise, this content allows your prospect to become interactive with the product and increase engagement. Consider this — interactive and educational presentations boost the customer experience by 25% leading to higher sales potential. other forms of content?

Interactive sales presentations are the ultimate sales enablement content tool

Interactive presentations allow you to dynamically navigate the presentation to address any questions or needs of the prospect. Let’s say your prospect is looking to purchase medical technology to execute telehealth communications. During your meeting, you can navigate the presentation in any direction and control the narrative based on the buyer’s questions. If the buyer is not interested in robotic surgery equipment, you can simply move on by clicking on an element that pertains to the right use case like a value calculator that depicts the ROI of telemedicine video technology.

After the meeting, you can curate an acutely relevant set of slides based on your conversation with the prospect. Then, you can provide the prospect with this subset of slides, allowing them to interact with the slides they cared about most.

In addition, interactive presentations allow you to have one comprehensive tool that can be customized to fit each individual prospect and their needs. Thus, all your sales material is easily accessible in one place, making it simpler than ever to support a customer’s dialogue — no matter where it takes you! Ultimately, sales enablement content keeps the buyer engaged with valuable information and influences them to make a purchase.

The Top-Performing Sales Enablement Content

There are multiple types of content that move prospect’s along their buying journey. Let’s take a look at the different types of sales enablement content below.

Product Videos

Product videos are excellent sales enablement content. What better way to showcase your product than by literally showing potential customers exactly how your product works, why it’s helpful, and the features that make it unique? Plus, video is more consumable, meaning that videos get the message across to prospects in a clear, concise, and quick way. In fact, video communicates a message 60,000 times faster than written content. Not to mention, videos also increase email open rates by 19% if the word “video” is included in the subject line.

Competitive Battlecards

Product comparison charts are great examples of sales enablement content as they illustrate the major differences between your product versus that of competitors. Comparison charts (or competitive battlecards) have a huge impact on buying decisions and serve as a chance for you to prove that your product is better than the rest.

Case Studies

Case studies are another example of sales enablement content that allows you to showcase the benefits of your product or service. A recent survey found that 77% of B2B buyers in the consideration stage find case studies to be the most influential type of content. And it makes sense! Case studies allow you to show off your positive results, the ROI of using your product or service, and often include customer testimonials.

ROI Calculators

ROI calculators enable sales reps to focus on a prospect’s main pain point and illustrate the value of the solution. This is one of the most effective pieces of sales enablement content. This is because ROI calculators allow prospects to visualize their potential return on investment prior to making a purchase. Basically, an ROI calculator puts your prospects in the shoes they’ll be in once they invest in your product. From here, they can determine whether or not it’s worth it to make a purchase.

For more information on how ROI calculators work and their benefits, check out our blog ROI Calculator – The Ultimate Selling Tool.

Final Thoughts

Sales enablement content is critical to closing sales and producing greater revenue. By providing your prospects with educational, relevant, and valuable information, you’ll be setting them up for purchasing success. Start creating sales enablement content and experience:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved win rates
  • Increased buyer engagement

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