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Lack of CRM data entry is the no.1 CRM challenge

The greatest benefit of any CRM system is having all your customer and prospect information in a central and reliable database you can use to drive and track sales, marketing, and customer service activities.

This means that the more accurate CRM data entry you have about your customer, opportunities and leads, the more likely you are to getting the maximum return on your CRM investment.

According to our CRM Challenge Study 2022, 43% of Sales Reps spend 15-30 minutes daily on CRM entry. This equals approximately 5% of a typical 8-hour workday.

CRM data

The no. 1 CRM Challenge

However, time-consuming and inadequate CRM entry is rated the number one challenge for Sales Leaders when implementing and adopting CRM systems. Two-thirds of all Sales Leaders believe that their Sales Reps are not good enough at entering data into their CRM.

CRM data is the KEY to success!

Poor CRM data leads to missed sales opportunities, reduced customer experience, and inefficient organizational silos. Inadequate data entry will quickly affect the data quality and provide wrongful customer overviews, misguiding pipelines, and eroded perceived value of the CRM system throughout the entire organization.

My Salespeople are good data at entering CRM

Automate CRM Data Entry with Sales Enablement

A sales enablement content platform holds the power to automatically collect and input invaluable customer data into the CRM system, while the Sales Rep simply carry out their daily work. This happens all the way from the needs analysis through to the ongoing customer dialogue, which will guide the Sales Reps in collecting the right data without any – or minimal – manual effort.

According to McKinsey, sales teams that automate CRM data entry see a sales uplift potential of up to 10%.

Final thoughts

CRM data entry doesn’t have to be time consuming and inaccurate. Let your Sales Team focus on selling and let your data entry be automated by a sales enablement tool. 

Interested in learning how Prezentor’s sales enablement platform can help you overcome CRM challenges and automate your CRM data entry?