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The trusted advisor vs. the boring sales person – how to sell pension and insurance to millennials

Data shows that in England alone 44% of millennials (18-34) have no pension provision whatsoever*. They are of course still young and retirement feels like lightyears away. But the truth is that three in ten (27%) say they simply don’t understand enough about pension. Almost equally glum figures can be seen for insurance, where as many as 21% of Britons stand without a proper home insurance*.


Recalculated into numbers this means there is a huge unexploited sales potential for British pension and insurance companies. But how do you sell to someone who doesn’t see the importance in what you’re offering?


The answer is simple – communicate in a way that they, your buyers, can relate to. Think about it, technology has changed dramatically how we interact over the past 20 years. Everyone today, not least millennials, expect sales messages to be instant, personal and ideally interactive. So why are we still trying to sell complex products like it’s 1998?


Make it personal – because it is

What impact will your product have on the specific individual? What kind of lifestyle does he or she want after retirement? Do they want to travel? Have a vacation home? You ask the questions, they set the scene. Then together calculate your way back to the monthly deposit needed to achieve their dream.

  1. Make it interactive – because it works Click, drag, listen, enter input, erase and change. We all know it, we all like it. Not surprisingly, research shows that when a person is interactive in a learning situation, he or she is significantly more open to the message received*.

  2. Make it graphical – because we buy with our eyes You can have the most brilliant message, if it’s not nicely packaged no-one will look at it. It’s as simple as that.

  3. Let them bring it home (while you keep tracking behaviour) Sales is not always instant and that’s okay. Make sure to send the discussed material to them. Let them click around, play and interact with the material that you discussed together. Automatic tracking notifies you of when, what and how the potential buyer interacts with the material sent. Providing you with an indication of when to best follow up and what to discuss.

  4. Get the big picture and get ahead Favouring a sales enablement platform over analogue sales materials or even less advanced technologies means missing out on a lot of knowledge that can help you target your message better and thereby save both time energy and money.

At Prezentor we are passionate about creating amazing buyer experiences and making life easier for sales people. Our sales enablement platform for tablet, desktop and iPhone help your sales organisation be the best it can be – before, during and after each sales meeting. Create interactive and engaging sales meetings that cater to every customer’s needs. All while making sales look more professional, save time and close more deals.

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