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Share the experience with the new Snapshot feature!

Snapshot, translations and much more. Don’t miss our latest release, we love it and hope you will too!


Take a snapshot of your slides and calculations and easily add them to your email or agenda. You can send the snapshots as functional slides (Prezentor slide) where the calculation you send is the default value when opened by the receiver. Don’t want the receiver to be able to change the values? No problem, simply send it as a locked PDF file.

New! Professional translations straight from the backend

Need to translate entire presentations or specific slides? No problem! Prezentor has teamed up and integrated with the world-renowned translation agencies Xplanation and LanguageWire. They both have extensive experience in translating texts in a wide range of industries and are known for their high quality and professionalism.


New! Start meeting button

Don’t always use a presentation for your meetings but still want meeting statistics and data on all your customers? With the new “Start meeting” button this is no longer a problem. Simply type up your agenda, add participants to the meeting and click “Start meeting”. If you wish to manually end the meeting you do this in the actions menu, otherwise the meeting will end automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity.


New! In app profile page

Now all users can update their contact details, change their password, manage device users and networks straight in their Prezentor app. All changes made will be automatically synced with the user page and overview in the backend.

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