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How to engage your customers in a online meeting

In the modern age, a new digital and online meeting solution is being found every minute, and presentations are certainly no exception. With an array of video conferencing and screensharing options, such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, and more, the possibilities for having meetings while your audience is scattered across the world has become more possible than ever.

There are many benefits to online meetings and presentations, such as being able to pitch to your International clients from the comfort of your office, or even your home. You can also avoid ever being late from getting stuck in traffic, and for the more nervous speakers, the barrier of the screen can ease some tension and make presenting feel more comfortable. Really, the list of benefits is endless.

However, there are naturally struggles that arise when being present with your audience is removed from the equation, and much of this comes down to how to engage when you lack non-verbal communication. As humans, we are conditioned to read each other’s body language and facial expressions, which naturally, is not possible when presenting online at the same capacity as an in-person meeting. At times, even the distortion of a microphone and speakers can remove elements of subtlety and tone that presenters require to truly connect with their audience and deliver the perfect pitch. Similarly, having a webcam won’t always help as much as it hinders: lag, low quality, and a small lens can distort our movements and make it harder for us to translate the full impact of our presentation to our viewers.

So what is the solution?

So, you might be wondering, is there a good way to pick up the slack for the lack of this interactivity, while still reaping the numerous other benefits of being able to show your presentation online? Yes! And it comes in the form of interactive features within your presentation.

You may already be implementing the use of some PowerPoint features such as slide changes and animations to make your online presentation feel less boring, but the truth is, if you want to provide a high level of engagement with your viewers or clients in an online meeting, you need to upgrade your software game. Not only should you have features that stop your clients from getting bored with the visuals, but they should also create a better pitch, provide insights for you about the things your clients are interested in, and also allow your client to continue to interact with the presentation, should you send it out once the meeting is over.

Why use Prezentor for a online meeting?

Prezentor has a proven track record with customers using it in online meetings 50% of the time. A sales dialogue is always hard to control and Prezentor enables you to setup a flow that follows a natural sales dialogue. The interactive presentation enables the customer to engage with your sales content so that your online meeting is just as effective as your in-person one, if not even more so.

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