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How to make a great online presentation

Starting with the right tool will get you a long way in your online presentation and Prezentor has all the necessary features to empower your customers and let them feel that they are in control.

Empower your customer to interact with your online presentation

The slider is a tool which allows you to adjust numbers. You can set the start point, end point, and how many steps to each point. In an online meeting, this tool even allows your client to change the values themselves, which keeps them engaged with the online presentation, beyond what even an in-person meeting can provide. If you choose to send your presentation to the client after the meeting, you’ll be able to receive tracking insights on how they interacted with the sliders from the comfort of their home or office and therefore, the upsell potential is limitless.

Calculate your client’s needs during the online meeting

The calculator is an extremely smart tool which allows you to calculate any other numerical item on the slide, and even from other slides. Not only does this allow you to build a whole calculator, which is perfect for businesses that have package proposals, but the calculator will automatically update its value when any of the numerical values change. For example, if you’ve chosen to use sliders in your calculator equation, then whenever the slider moves, the number on the calculator will adjust accordingly. You are able to use these two handy features paired, in order for your client to build their own package during the online presentation. This gives your online presentation visual examples with a clear purpose!

Keep your slides simple

If you want to take your online presentation to the next level, Hotspots are the way to go. You keep the slides simple while maintaining the complexity. They come in the form of either an icon or an invisible area, and when this icon or area are clicked on, a multitude of events can be triggered. For example, you can make a pop-up video, or text in order to take information-heavy material into a manageable format. The hotspot can take the client to another slide, or even to a website via URL. This enables you to be clear and efficient by providing you with a natural flow in your online presentation and you avoid having to skip slides or spend time on content that has no value to your client. 

All in all your customers will be more engaged, the dialogue will be improved and your online meetings will be more efficient and effective with clear call to action during the online presentation. 

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