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7 Benefits of sales content management

Everyone knows sellers need good sales collaterals to engage buyers, help them overcome their objections, and help them choose the best solution for their problem. But content doesn’t just need to be “good”, it should also be quick and easy to find, trackable, and aligned with the company’s brand image. A good content management solution can help ensure all of the above and is therefore an essential component of your sales enablement tech stack. In this article, we talk about sales content management, the benefits it brings, and how it can be used by both Marketing and Sales.

What is sales content management?

The statistics about sales content usage speak for themselves: as much as 90% of B2B sellers do not use any sales materials because they find them irrelevant, out of date, and hard to customize. Moreover, one of the main complaints among sales teams is that sellers can’t locate the right content to share with prospects. The result? Sellers waste precious time searching for or creating their own content, with zero control from the organization over what is being shared, the messaging and the tone of voice sellers use. In other words, complete sales anarchy!

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Sales content management to the rescue!

Sales content management is the process of creating, storing, organizing, and distributing materials for the sales teams to use to sell their products or services. Sales collaterals are often created by the marketing department or sales leaders, who then need the right tools and strategies to ensure that the sales teams know how and when to use the content and where it can be easily found.

An effective sales content management solution should offer the following functionalities:

  • Content distribution to the right sales teams
  • Content briefing and automated notifications for the sales teams
  • Customized categories that fit to your content setup
  • Supporting different file formats such as PDF, Excel, Videos, etc.
  • Rating and commenting functionalities for feedback
  • Tracking of content usage
  • Updating and replacing files

7 Benefits of sales content management

1. Improved productivity

When sellers have all the content they need just one click away, they can save a lot of time and focus on closing deals, rather than hunting for the relevant brochure or the most up-to-date quote to share with a prospect. This means they can have a higher number of sales meetings per day, thus increasing their chances of hitting their quota.

2. Improved content usage

Did you know that 60% of B2B content created by marketing sits unused? This insane waste of time and money can be easily reduced by making sure that all the content is stored in the same location and organized by categories, e.g., topic, industry, sales stage, or whatever is relevant for your organization’s sales process. This way, sellers can easily filter and quickly find what they need. Additionally, marketing cuts the time spent briefing sellers as they can share information on the content directly in the content management solution.

3. Brand control and alignment

With sales content management, the marketing team and/or sales leaders get complete control over what content gets used and can ensure that sellers have always the most updated version of their sales collateral, thus improving the consistency of communications with clients and prospects and, therefore, the organization’s brand image. Moreover, some content management platforms, like Prezentor, offer sellers the possibility of sending feedback on the content to Marketing, which improves alignment between the teams.

4. Better buyer engagement

As sellers get specific information on the type of content, the sales stage the content is intended for, and the content topic, they can ensure to share only relevant content with buyers. This in turn engages buyers more effectively as sellers actually cater to their needs. Having better buyer engagement is a win-win for both parties involved. While buyers get more valuable content and can make an informed decision, sellers save time and increase the closing rate.

5. Shorter sales cycles

Sellers can close deals more efficiently thanks to the insights they get on content usage. With the right content management system you can see exactly when a prospect opens a file you sent them and even how they interact with it – e.g. what pages they view, how much time they spend on them, etc. This allows you to reach out to potential customers when your product is fresh in their minds, and to tailor your offer based on what they are most interested in.

6. Reduced onboarding time

Sales content management can significantly reduce the onboarding time for new sellers by providing them with easy access to relevant and up-to-date sales materials. New sellers can quickly familiarize themselves with product information, sales messaging, and other key resources that can help them sell more effectively. By standardizing the onboarding process and providing a centralized hub for sales content, new sellers can become productive faster and start contributing to the team’s success sooner.

7. More insights

In addition to the insights we already mentioned on when and how content is used by potential buyers, the right content management system will also provide data on the content used internally by sellers. This is very useful information for Marketing, as they can see if their content gets used and collect feedback to keep improving it. It is also useful information for Sales Managers who can get insights into top performers’ sales processes, pinpoint areas of improvement, and provide personalized coaching wherever needed.

How can you use Prezentor's content management solution for your business?

Prezentor’s solutions are created to improve the productivity of both salespeople and the marketing team, and to facilitate alignment between Sales and Marketing. Here are just a few things your organization can do with Prezentor:

  • Content creators/managers:
    • Can easily share and update sales collaterals in Prezentor Connect, making sure all the content is available and accessible to the right users, and always kept up to date.
    • Can organize files in the Content Hub by adding customized tags and categories.
    • Can get insights on content usage by buyers and sellers.
    • Can get feedback on the content through ratings


  • Salespeople:
    • Can quickly and easily find the files they need in Prezentor Connect by filtering their search.
    • Can rate the content and send feedback to the content creators.
    • Can see what content is most used within the organization and what buyers find most engaging.
    • Can get content usage data on when and how prospects engage with the content they shared.


  • Sales Leaders:
    • Get insights into sellers’ performance and processes.
    • Can provide personalized coaching based on data collected.

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