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Sales App: Sell Value On the Go

A sales app is a great resource for sales reps working in the field or really, from anywhere. For sales reps spanning all industries, it’s important that no matter where they are, they have instant access to their sales enablement platform. As the pandemic continues and governments determine safe ways to interact with people in person, sales reps are heading back to in-person sales meetings. Because of this, they need to have immediate access to the most relevant and updated information to share with their prospects.

So whether they’re on a phone call in the middle of an office building or checking their email in a cafe, they can access and send content to any prospect — all directly within the sales app! In this article, we’re discussing the benefits of using a sales app, how it works, and why you need one to succeed in 2021 and beyond.

Why is a sales app beneficial?

With a sales app, the rep is enabled to access all content and resources from their sales enablement platform. Picture the scene. You’re a sales rep juggling in-person and virtual meetings all day. In between your meetings at multiple locations, you receive an email from a new lead. Since you’re a great B2B sales rep, you know it’s best to follow up as soon as possible. Fun fact: 35-50% of sales are awarded to the sales rep that responds to the lead first. So, with just 10 minutes until your next meeting, you can pull the relevant sales material from your sales app to send to the prospect.

In summary, having quick access to all sales content, your contacts, and more by using a sales app enables sales reps to rapidly meet the needs of their prospects whenever and wherever they may be. Thus, a mobile sales app makes sales enablement that much more accessible.

Sales reps can update sales presentations anywhere

at any time

A sales app is the ideal sales enablement tool to provide reps with greater mobility and flexibility. For instance, a sales rep can prepare for a meeting by personalizing their presentation anywhere. Whether located in a car, a restaurant, or a park, sales reps can personalize and update their sales presentations right before they walk into a sales meeting either on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

In addition, the personalized presentation works perfectly for touchscreen devices. Take a look at how Ambu, a company that invents and sells medical devices, uses Prezentor to engage their prospects with interactive and mobile presentations through the sales app on their tablets.

In this video, executives at Ambu explain how they use the sales app to create personalized and interactive presentations that support dialogue between the sales reps and their prospects. Therefore, no matter who the presentation is for or where in the office (or world) their sales reps are, they have access to the most updated and relevant information on their medical devices through their Prezentor sales app.

Email integration enables on-the-go messaging

directly from the app

Sales reps are busy and constantly on-the-go. Therefore, they need technology that enables them to sell on-the-go. A sales app is great on its own. But integrating your email account with the app enhances sales enablement. This integration allows you to send emails with sales materials attached all from within the sales app. This means you don’t have to download files from the sales app to your phone, switch to your email app, find the files in your downloads, and then attach them to your email.

Instead, you can simply choose which materials you’d like to send to a prospect and email them from your exact email address all directly within the sales app. This makes things easier for sales reps that need to quickly email prospects during a busy day full of meetings. Take a look at the video below, illustrating how to send an email through the Prezentor app.

Manage your daily tasks

One of the general themes we keep discussing in this post is just how busy a sales rep’s schedule is on a daily basis. We would be remiss if we didn’t also discuss how a sales app can help reps organize and manage their workloads. With built in calendars to manage meetings, a contact list to track your interactions with your prospects, and reports, a sales app serves as your mobile sales enablement platform. Additionally, you can keep track of files so that you can easily find and send content to your contacts within the app.

For more information on how to use the Prezentor sales app to manage your daily operations, please visit our help center.

Final Thoughts

Sales reps in 2021 are experiencing a shift in how they manage their workload and handle their meetings. Thus, they need the right technology that will support their new way of working. The Prezentor sales app was awarded G2’s High Performer recognition for the spring, summer, and fall of 2021 due to its innovative and useful technology.

See what all the buzz is about and try it out for yourself! Book your personalized demo today.

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