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Is Your Sales Enablement Strategy Effective? Here’s What You May Be Lacking

A sales enablement strategy is key to closing more deals, improving skill sets, aligning internal teams, and creating efficiencies throughout the sales process. An effective sales enablement strategy will amplify your selling initiatives and maximize the effectiveness of your tools and content. In fact, a study by CSO Insights found that sales reps with a great sales enablement strategy achieved their quotas 10.6% more frequently than those without.

So, is your sales enablement strategy effective? In this blog, we’re uncovering the truth about why your sales enablement strategy may be failing to garner the results you’re looking for. Let’s begin!

Without the right sales enablement technology, your sales enablement strategy could be far less powerful

The first thing we need to consider when determining whether your sales enablement strategy is effective is whether or not you have the right sales enablement technology. For example, the right tech will bolster your sales enablement strategy by:

  • Streamlining the sales process
  • Keeping your contacts and activity logging up-to-date and clean
  • Providing in-depth insights on customer behavior and sales rep performance
  • Making the creating, managing, and presenting of content much easier

If your sales enablement tech is lacking any capability listed above, or if you simply don’t have sales enablement tools, the time to adopt this tech is now. From content management to email and CRM integrations and in-depth reporting, the right sales enablement platform will inevitably uncover insights into your sales process and show you where you could speed things up!

If you’re on the hunt for sales enablement solutions, check out our blog, What To Look For in Your Sales Enablement Platform Investment.

Is your sales onboarding process working?

A premier sales enablement strategy prioritizes sales onboarding. Thus, equipping the entire sales team (seasoned and new) with the skills and tools necessary will increase win rates. Consider this statistic. 62% of companies with sales onboarding programs report experiencing enhanced productivity and a 54% increase in employee engagement. Does your current onboarding process achieve these results?

A good sales enablement strategy paired with a sales onboarding program prepares all sales reps to:

  • Work toward a common goal
  • Increase win rates and drive revenue
  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to share the right content at the right time in the buyer’s journey
  • Sell more effectively to best-fit leads

In fact, when sales onboarding is done right, win rates can improve by 14% and quota attainment can enhance by 6.6%. Thus, by striving to marry your sales enablement strategy to great onboarding processes, your sales performance will improve.

Are you missing quality sales enablement content?

Sales enablement content is a crucial aspect to driving sales and increasing win rates. Keep in mind that there is a difference between sales enablement content and other types of content. Sales enablement content is created with the intent to equip sales reps with the right framing and messaging they need to influence their prospects at all stages of their purchase journey.

Sales enablement content such as case studies, ROI calculators, and product videos are key to an effective sales enablement strategy. These types of content drive buyers towards making a purchase. Yet, 78% of buyers report that sales reps do not provide them with relevant content.

Is your team one of the many who fail to use sales enablement content? If so, begin working with the marketing team to develop educational, relevant, and valuable information. With this content, you’ll be setting buyers up for purchasing success.

Are you continuously improving your team's selling skills?

As a sales manager, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not continually improving your team’s selling skills. Yet, a good sales enablement strategy ensures that you and your team are consistently gaining new skills based on best practices and data showcasing the behaviors of top-performers.

Consistent sales training is essential to sales success, especially when it comes to sales enablement. Thus, it’s crucial for you to be well-versed in:

  • How to use the different sales enablement tools
  • Understanding current industry trends and techniques
  • Preparing and analyzing insights to make data-driven decisions

A great place to start is by looking at your top-performing sales reps’ behavioral data through a sales enablement platform. Top performers typically know which content works best at certain stages of the buyer’s journey. By learning from their data (that you can see right within your sales enablement platform!), you can gain knowledge about how to close more deals, come up with compelling pitches, and share virtual selling best practices.

Final thoughts

Overall, sales enablement is the process of equipping sales reps with the tools and skills they need to sell effectively. Ensuring your sales enablement strategy is optimally backed by effective tech is critical to sales success. Through efficient training, onboarding, and the proximity to helpful tools, sales teams can develop a killer sales enablement strategy. Prezentor can help.

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