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How to Enable Your Sales Team to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Sales enablement is the continuous process of ensuring your sales team is equipped to effectively and efficiently close deals. Accordingly, sales enablement software is the number one tool to maximize your sales by empowering your team to make data-driven decisions. Therefore, being equipped with the right data serves as a window into the sales cycle allowing reps and their managers to better understand opportunities to improve. This data can show where the sales team is excelling and where their processes can be improved.

Essentially, sales enablement technology allows sales reps to track a prospect’s engagement with emails, presentations, and other sales content. From here, reps can use the acquired data to make forward-thinking decisions to improve the sales cycle. In this article, we’re placing a spotlight on sales enablement software and explaining just how it drives data-driven decision making.

Personalizing the Buyer Experience with Data

In order to make data-driven decisions, sales reps need to have access to quality customer data. Sales enablement software provides sales reps with insights into how prospects are engaging with content. Thereafter, reps are able to make decisions based on real-time data to enhance the buyer’s journey for each prospect.

For example, say your data shows that 78% of prospects spend time viewing a 1-pager on the benefits of pet insurance right before they ask for a quote. Meanwhile, an ebook outlining what could happen if your pet doesn’t have insurance captures the attention of only 22% of prospects at this stage. It’s safe to assume the 1-pager is more effective at this point in the sales cycle. With this knowledge, sales reps can confidently make the data-driven decision to continue sending the 1-pager to future prospects. Likewise, reps can make the decision to either toss the ebook to the side or make improvements where necessary.

Additionally, real-time sales enablement software allows reps to view which pieces of content a prospect is viewing and interacting with after a sales meeting. This data provides reps with the inside scoop to bolster their chances of winning a sale. How so? Knowing what a prospect is most interested in based on real-time data enables reps to address the prospect’s specific needs. Therefore, the next meeting, call, or email is better personalized to the prospect’s use case.

For instance, say you’re a sales rep and you send your sales presentation to a prospect after a virtual meeting. The entire presentation focuses on health insurance, but with the help of sales enablement software, you notice the slide the prospect spent the most time viewing was specific to Health Maintenance Organizations. Now that you know what the prospect is most interested in, using the data, you can offer a more tailored solution next time you speak with them.

Using Interactive Sales Materials to Capture Data

Capturing data post-meeting is great. But, the best sales enablement software will allow reps to obtain data during a meeting. This helps reps quickly change the course of the conversation based on customer input. This data (information prospects add into value calculators, time spent viewing a slide, and clicks) will help the sales rep direct the dialogue and tailor it to a prospect’s exact needs.

For example, reps can see in real-time which elements of the presentation the prospect is clicking on. If the prospect is engaging with an ROI calculator, the rep can see which numbers and information the prospect is inputting. Let’s say the ROI calculator displays a pension structure. Depending on certain factors, the ROI calculator visualizes the prospect’s return on investment in real-time. With full visibility into this calculator, the rep is able to drive the conversation forward with the right data to create a highly personalized experience.

In addition, the right sales enablement software will enable the prospect to take control of the conversation. The software also allows sales reps to rapidly alter the dialogue based on where the prospect leads it. Through our research, we know interactive and personalized sales content can be up to 25 percent more effective in communicating a message than traditional presentations. By choosing which aspects of the presentation to click on, the prospect is in the driver’s seat. Ultimately, no matter where the prospect leads the conversation, the rep has the agility to answer any questions that arise.

Delivering Effective Data-Powered Sales Training

Lastly, sales training is easier than ever with the right sales enablement software. First, it’s best to determine the right sales enablement strategy for your team. Then, it’s necessary to create a training program that teaches sales reps how to put the strategy into action.

Sales enablement software can provide insights as to how sales reps are personally performing. For example, data will show which pieces of content top sales reps find most successful when sharing with their prospects. Sales managers can access this data through sales enablement software and take this knowledge to train other team members. Ultimately, sales rep behavioral statistics enable sales coaches to tailor training based on each rep’s performance. Essentially, this provides a more personalized sales training experience for each rep.

In addition, the same statistics can help sales managers determine where certain reps are struggling. The data provided by the sales enablement software will highlight the areas where a rep needs improvement. For example, say the data shows a rep waits 48 hours after a meeting to send a follow up email. The results also show this causes less than a 5% open rate. Here is the perfect opportunity for sales managers to swoop in and train the rep on best practices for follow up emails.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, in order to carry out sales enablement strategies, you need sales enablement software. In fact, Forrester reports that organizations experience a 20% revenue lift within 12 months of implementing sales enablement software. As the software collects more data, your team is enabled with the insight and tools to more effectively sell to prospects in the future.

If you’re looking for a sales enablement platform that does all of the above, you’ve come to the right place. Prezentor can help your team maximize the potential of each sales opportunity with accurate data to back up each decision. Schedule your demo to see how Prezentor’s platform can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team.

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